Reclaim Your Happiness - Multiply Your Success - Create a Life You Love

What’s stopping you from being the happiest, brightest, badass-est version of yourself?

You are a career woman, parent, wife, best friend, caretaker. You’re everything to everyone—and that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for YOU.
You are driven. You have ambition and a desire to make a real, lasting impact in the world. But the busy-ness and responsibilities of life have dulled your shine and sapped your soul.
You have big, bold dreams. You are open to opportunity, elevation, success. You simply lack a strategy to start making those big, life-changing moves

The RISE UP Promise

10 Weeks to Transform the Next 30 Years

What to expect:

  • Rewrite your story and start living as the REAL you—you’ll gain life-changing insights that will help you align your outer being with your shiny, happy inner being.
  • Overcome the doubts that are holding you back and develop renewed self-confidence to start achieving goals you previously thought impossible—you’ll be empowered to go for the better job, ask for the raise, take the leap into greatness.
  • Create habits that will increase your happiness levels by up to 40% and completely rewire every aspect of your life—you’ll improve relationships with your spouse, your kids, your friends (and most importantly, yourself!); develop the strength to get mentally and physically healthier; and experience more personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Adopt an abundant mindset that will help you raise your vibration, shift your perceptions, and start manifesting your dreams into reality—you’ll discover how a brain set to positive is more productive, creative, and engaged.

Your Instructor

Kim Strobel
Kim Strobel
I’m a happiness and empowerment coach, and I’ve taught thousands across the country how to reclaim their purpose, discover their potential, and achieve new levels of prosperity. I’m building a community of joy seekers who want to reclaim their lives, discover their unlimited potential, and realize their bold dreams with whole-hearted courage.

“Taking Kim’s course has enabled me to expand my dreams and taught me how to ‘act as if’ to attract my dreams. I’ve already attracted the first thing off my vision board. I attracted a better job, and I make WAY more money than I ever thought possible!” —Kelly Zarate

“I applied for a Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator program right before I attended your course. You helped me really focus on what I wanted in life and to see it, say it, feel it, and believe it. And guess what? In March I found out not only was I accepted to this program, but they are paying for it all! I’ve launched my own business, I’m my own boss, and my business dreams are coming true!” —Mary Bolin

What’s included in the 10-week program:

  • 9 Intensive Video Modules
  • Course materials, activities, and challenges for each module
  • “Happy Hour” weekly group coaching call
  • RISE Tribe Private Facebook group membership
  • FREE lifetime access to all course materials

Course begins February 4, 2019


The 10-Week Course

Reclaim Your Happiness
Week 1: Master the Happiness Formula
Gain the tools to redefine happiness, redirect your thoughts, increase your productivity, and become more engaged, creative, motivated, and energetic in your personal and professional lives.

Week 2: Make Your Happiness a Habit
Taking good care of yourself doesn’t just benefit you; it means the people in your life get the best of you, too. I’ll show you how to start making yourself a priority; how to engage in your life at higher levels; how to bust through outdated beliefs about what it means to be a women; and how to reclaim time and space that’s just for YOU!

Week 3: Create an Abundant Mindset
Learn to transform your thoughts to cultivate more of what you want (and less of what you don’t) in just 21 days! I’ll show you a powerful practice that will help you attract all forms of abundance (spiritual, relationship, financial, etc.), own your worth, and make more empowered choices.

Multiply Your Success
Week 4: Change Your Beliefs
The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. I’ll teach you to examine your mindsets and show you how they can impact your achievement and interpersonal success and create big changes in your personal growth.

Week 5: Face Your Fears & Raise Your Potential
On the other side of fear lies greatness. I’ll show you how to use the obstacles in your life to motivate you, how to dial up your potential, and how to lift the ceiling on what you can achieve.

Week 6: Embrace Your Flawsome
Learn to let go of old stories that no longer serve you and start embracing the REAL YOU. I’ll show you how to accept your worthiness, step into your biggest, boldest, most authentic version of yourself—and how you can truly begin to amplify your life.

Week 7: RECHARGE WEEK - We’re nearing the end! Use this off-week to catch up, fine-tune your coursework, reach out for support, and get prepared to finish strong!

Create a Life You Love
Week 8: Stop Standing In Your Own Way
When you take responsibility for your life, you can take your life to the next level. I’ll show you how to implement a powerful practice that will shift everything about the way you think, act, and feel in your life. You’ll learn to create stronger relationships, make more money, have more fun, and welcome more love in your life.

Week 9: Unleash the Law of Attraction
Like attracts like. I'll help you uncover your innate power to create and attract the life you want to live. You'll discover how you alone invite people, circumstances, and events into your life experiences through your thoughts.

Week 10: Dream It & Do It
You’ll learn the 5 steps for creating effective vision boards + tips for ensuring your board is working for you—and you’re working for it.


The Rise Up 10-Week Program is an intensive, transformative journey—one you’ll be taking with an amazing group of like-minded women seeking more happiness, more success, and more fulfillment.

Happy Hour Group Coaching Calls - Each week, I’ll host a group call where you can get encouragement and additional help from me—and support from your fellow rise up-ers!

RISE Tribe - You’ll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and connect with other women rising up and reclaiming their lives.

Get started now!